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Decoding the inner truth

Awake from the best dream and escape

If you think it’s hard to wake up in the morning, it’s not just chance. When we go to sleep our brains go into a trance state and experiences different sleep cycles. To keep sleeping, each time requires less effort, lower calorie consumption and less neuronal activity to maintain that momentum.

Therefore,  waking up will always be the first rebellious decision of the brain every day when he determines that it is already recovered and break that pleasant state.

And what if we are dreaming while sleeping something that makes us happy ? Something that really gives us pleasure? We will always want to keep sleeping !! We close our eyes and force this movie to continue. This is because we can experience all kinds of pleasures in this state with the same degree of intensity as in reality.

There is a force towards continuing dreaming that tries to convince us that there are greater advantages to continue dreaming without any of the disadvantages (eg: die, hurt or make mistakes that transcend as in reality). That happiness is pure pleasure without it being necessary to do something in return to achieve it. But in this case when sleeping, the brain uses elements from its own subconscious and creates a sequence of sensations without other information outside the mind.

In consequence, we could achieve the same degree of happiness during a dream as in reality. Therefore, every day we run the risk of being trapped in that state.

Physically, the body “protects” us from being trapped because at some point it completes its homeostasis to regulate and recover the energies of the organism and wakes you up. 

But outside the dream… Who protects us from being caught in a thought, an ideology, a philosophy, a cultural custom that becomes part of your reality and that can be dangerous for us? Maybe nobody is going to wake us up.

You could be dreaming and sleeping right now, imprisoned in a mentality that limits everything you can achieve and that is so subtle that it is already part of your personality. Since you were born and because of your social environment, because of what your family or school taught you, you are conditioned by their thoughts and survival methods.

Although you can be imprisoned and feel happy as well . It is exactly what happens in dreams when sleeping. This perceived happiness is really strong and makes it difficult to get out of that state. Only if we are willing to face the TRUTH we will be able to escape this captivating reality in search of greater happiness.

The truth of the dream when sleeping is that even being inside the happiest dream we can not influence other people, we are locked in our head and everything that happens is going to stay in it. We are not going to evolve , we are not going to learn something new, our genes are not going to develop because they are not going to have a reason to survive.

Trying to hack this reality, I discovered that the escape plan of a dream when sleeping is similar to the escape plan from limiting reality:

  1. Challenge the possibility that your reality is not where you will achieve the greatest happiness || Challenge the possibility that you are dreaming. Ask: “I’m dreaming?”
  2. Analyze and distrust the inconsistencies of your reality || Analyze the inconsistencies of the dream, for example: you live in a house that is not your house, the laws of physics are broken, etc.
  3. Realize that you are always in control of your reality || Once you confirm that you are dreaming, you are in control of what is happening and you can even make the dream end in a second.

In the end, a happy and illusory reality is not so different from a dream when sleeping. But if we dare to challenge it, we surround ourselves with the right people and we sharpen our mind developing it day by day, we will be able to detect those inconsistencies and errors to escape from a life that does not reach its maximum potential !!!

Let's hack together different contents. I am going to share you the most powerful vision I learned in life, so that you can understand how to take advantage of the details that nobody made you see before ...

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