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Your imperial guard

The great conquests and military operations determined the social evolution of humanity. The world would be completely different without those leaders who challenged their own nature, their enemies and their allies to extend the dominance of their population, their empire and their own ideas.

Conquerors undertook trips without return where they risked everything they had ever created, but never traveled alone. Each one was protected until death by a group of people who day by day defined their success and survival . They were accompanied and influenced by the best of the best:

All these guards were responsible for defending the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of their leader. Assist them, support them, delegate their confidence and make them grow to meet all the proposed objectives . But to achieve this they had to keep up with the expectations of their proteges.

When the great Alexander the Great was 13 years old, his father appointed Aristotle, the philosopher who most influenced philosophy and the sciences of history, to be his tutor . And together with a group of 50 brilliant Macedonians, they studied under their supervision for 6 years …

He taught him to write Greek, Hebrew, Babylonian and Latin. He taught him the nature of the sea and the winds; He explained the journey of the stars, the revolutions of the sky, the duration of the world, justice and rhetoric. He taught him to think like a Greek and fight like a barbarian.

After graduating all were recruited to enter the army. Although only the best 8 of the class were chosen by Alejandro to be his personal guard, protecting him for 10 years in the campaign for Central Asia and India . This intensive training and surrounding himself with other people who had received that first-class knowledge led him to conquer the world. Part of the spirit of Aristotle multiplied and transformed into Alexander the Great and each of his bodyguards .

Mosaic of Alexander the Great by Philoxene of Eretria (325 BC)

Being surrounded by a living legend, it also served as a training environment for future leaders. Taking advantage of that, Genghis Khan created his personal guard of 10,000 men, the Kheshig , where all were directly influenced by him. Defending the Mongol leader day and night was their job and it was the highest honor they could aspire to and not only received respect from their comrades, but also brought them an extreme power in which they could annul a Mongolian commander if necessary.

“Genghis Khan and his army” by Sun Lixin (1999)

All these heroes, always chose by their side those who were willing to learn from him their secrets for victory in exchange for their loyalty, honor and protection.



“Entrance of Attila and the Huns in Rome” oil by Ulpiano Checa (1891)
“The capture of Atahualpa in Cajamarca, Peru” by Juan Lepiani (1532). 
Francisco Pizarro and his 200 men against 30,000 Incas.


These leaders were also protected at a distance by their own teachers, their gods, their heroes, the authors of their favorite books, the leaders of the peoples they had conquered and the ghosts of the kings they had decapitated. Each of these “guards” protected their ideas and convictions, giving them weight, sustenance and a reason to materialize.

Nobody can choose them for you, but your responsibility is to choose them day by day. Defining them is important to know who transforms you into each of the basic needs. These needs you have to satisfy on your own, but these guards will fulfill the role of supervising, improving and verifying the way in which you satisfy them.

Because history does not lie and all personal guards were always selected especially by their leader due to some of the characteristics that we will see below.


They are the ones that influence the ideas and projects that we conceive and execute in the present. They feed us positively or negatively affect us. To be our personal guard, they must influence any of these needs (you can complete the form and take a picture, nothing will be sent to our servers). We will choose only one per category, which will be the main guard that today leads in his position:

  1. The guards that give us certainty and security about what is going to happen in our life . They provide stability and comfort, keep the instinct of survival in a state of rest. Ex: father / mother, son / daughter, spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend, sponsor, boss, client, religious figure, nurse, doctor, lawyer …
  2. The guards that stimulate us variety and changes. They present ideas that destabilize ours, surprise our survival instinct and challenge us to cross barriers that bother us. Ex: friend, enemy, rock star, adventurer, politician, writer, extreme athlete …
  3. The guards that make us feel important, special and unique. They value our contribution to the world, highlight those qualities that distinguish us and motivate us to continue differentiating ourselves from the rest. They choose us day by day. Eg: friend, family, couple, children, fans, idols, employee …
  4. The guards that encourage us to create deeper connections with the rest of the people . They provide tools and configure the environment to connect with others and expand the quality of those interactions. Ex: friend, family, partner, teacher, public relations, author, actor, politician …
  5. The guards who teach us their own knowledge and guide us towards inner growth. They share their feeling of progress, evolution and transformation that influences us to develop. Ex: friend, family member, couple, teacher, spiritual leader, writer …
  6. The guards that influence us to contribute to the satisfaction of other people, beyond ourselves. Ex: couple, writer, pacifist, celebrity, philanthropist

Possibly some category was empty .. Surprise! You do not have any main guard in that category or you do not know who he is. It’s time to choose someone you know is going to be there in that defense position …

Cesar for crossing the Rubicon River

Analyze the results and try to detect if someone does not comply with their work to provide value within their respective area. It is very simple, in which case he must be expelled, “decapitated” and replaced by someone who does.

Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea. How the times change …

Now let’s try to detect if someone monopolizes his category by proclaiming himself as the only true source to achieve the satisfaction of that area. This guard tries to create a dependency on you towards him. That way you will not be able to nourish yourself by learning other ways to reach the need posed from another angle. In your head there will only be one way to get closer to perfecting one of these areas. The power that we give to this one guard is very dangerous, that is why we must always integrate secondary, tertiary guards, in order to have different sources available to us in each category.

The main guards have shifts and these should be replaced or exchanged in the span of months or years, even when we believe that they are fulfilling their function correctly. None of these guards will be forever and by changing them, we will be nourished from other perspectives. We are not going to get caught up in just one way to achieve control and to meet the needs of that area. You will always maintain power if you do not create this dependence.

The main guards are the most influential towards you within each category. This unique combination defines you, but does not limit you. A guard is a guard and he will never be able to take your position in your life. Although you can also act as a guard contributing to others (but we leave that for another codex).

Now that we clearly know who they are, let’s test them constantly, challenge their ideas and actions, just as the great conquerors of history did . We must lead them, because we have the power to choose who is going to have the power to protect us and expose us.

In this way, they will also be proud to be in this adventure with you.

Escevas – The heroic centurion of Julius Caesar

[Cover photo: ” Vercingetorix throws his arms at the feet of Julius Caesar ” by Lionel Noel Royer (1899)]

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