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por Lucas Apa

Let’s hack together

Inspired by own experiences, books, knowledge, masters of life and the beauty of the universe, I create this blog to start a new and different contribution space for you.

From my childhood, people describe me as an insatiable researcher. Understanding, creating and learning were always the great pleasures that led me to be who I am. Thanks to the impulse of my family, I was able to choose different paths to the rest and develop my skills as a professional hacker . 

This uncontrollable passion for finding flaws and vulnerabilities in the systems led me to give talks around the world, work with the most powerful and important companies, and share my knowledge in research on hacking technologies with high social impact. Technology was always my playground, but I realized that real life and social life were also.

The last 6 years I had the opportunity to travel around the world to perfect myself, understand myself and also try to understand the purposes that move people to do what they do. This hidden information, I consider it invaluable and that is why I am going to share it with you.

In this blog I will decode different topics related to personal development, certainty, uncertainty, love, connection, growth and contribution. We are going to hack together different contents and I am going to share my vision and the most powerful perspectives that I learned with hacking, so that you can understand how to take advantage of the details that nobody made you see before…

Let's hack together different contents. I am going to share you the most powerful vision I learned in life, so that you can understand how to take advantage of the details that nobody made you see before ...

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