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por Lucas Apa

When the system attacks you, we hack it

We live in a terrestrial ecosystem where living organisms share the same habitat and compete to survive. It is inevitable to think that all species form our own structures to be more likely to succeed in transcending genes to other generations.

Even prehistoric people began to organize themselves into tribal communities, clans and bands, mostly in order to divide the work done and increase their productivity. Societies of hunters, gatherers and agriculturalists were already grouped and ordered since the Paleolithic (about 300,000 years ago). But when the regions began to be delimited by these populations, states were created to be able to exercise the legal use of physical forcewithin these territorial limits.

By studying the solar system or an atom, we can know that there are universal models that explain the stability of matter . That also responds because if we stop a pencil on its tip and it is not in balance, it will fall to be in a stable state. For this reason, it is a natural manifestation to try to maintain the order of things. When that order is altered or broken, there is a force that tries to return everything to balance.

But make no mistake, the system always seeks its own stability, not the stability of its components.

In general, a system can lose its balance when:

  • An internal element of that system seeks its own internal balance
  • An external element of that system seeks its own internal balance

To try to maintain the order of behaviors, thoughts and information, humans creates systems constantly. For example:

  • Political systems (states, governments, monarchies, etc.)
  • Educational systems (academic institutions)
  • Social systems (communism, capitalism, etc.)
  • Religious systems (religions, cults, sects)
  • Family systems (your parents, your environment)


There are classic  symbols of “rebellion” against the system , for example: rockers of the 80 or communists who fight against different systems. But these usually end up using a specific clothing brand (capitalist and pro-system) or consuming certain material that in its bases preaches the opposite to what they are opposing. 

Is it really effective to fight against the system?

Or do you think it’s better to directly hack it and take advantage of it?

To  hack any system and start becoming independent, you should do the following:

  1. Accept that the system will not teach you how to hack the system
  2. Accept that the system has hidden reasons to exist (ego, power, money ..)
  3. Accept that someone will benefit and you will not necessarily be you. 
  4. Study the system: read books, opinions and material from different sources about the system in question. 
  5. Study what services and benefits the existence of the system gives me. For example:
    • More people praying => Less stress on people
    • Minor pensions for retirees => Minor overpopulation
    • Higher taxes => Lower overpopulation
    • Greater repression and control => Greater security
    • Greater equality in the distribution of resources => Less effort in the works
    • Greater difficulty of exams in the university => Less number of graduates, more available employment, more education.
    • Greater gender equality => Increased number of soldiers during a war
    • Greatest injustice worker / company => Largest number of entrepreneurs
  6. Study what services and benefits the system deprives me, to learn how to obtain them on my own without crying to the system. For example:
    • Tax avoidance to pay less taxes within the legal framework.
    • Self-learning  to encourage curiosity, research and self-discipline.
    • Personal finances to better manage money.
    • Political relationship, doing business, agreements with politicians or exercising one’s own duty to make the desired changes.
    • Making your own system . Ex: company, religion or private neighborhood with your own rules. (Does it sound difficult? Someone already did it)

We must recognize that complaining and having resentment for “a right that the members should have” only leads us to be weaker and dependent on that system.

The more we complain that the system is unbalanced for us, the less time we dedicate to nurture ourselves from other sources and thus acquire greater benefits on our own.

That learning about how to acquire more education, critical thinking, independence, health, money and time, is what the same system will never teach you.

So do not waste your time going against it, hack it and become independent of it!

Let's hack together different contents. I am going to share you the most powerful vision I learned in life, so that you can understand how to take advantage of the details that nobody made you see before ...

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