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How to hack death

The greatest certainty we all have since we are born is that we are going to die. This knowledge is so powerful that it paralyzes us as soon as we come in contact with it, because it reminds us that our body and consciousness has an end.

Is it possible to hack death?

There is a hacker jellyfish that can, the Turritopsis dohrnii. Science confirmed that it is the only immortal living being. He can reverse its development when is adult and thus live forever. It is as if a butterfly became a caterpillar just before dying.

La medusa inmortal

The secret of his immortality is still a mystery. But although we already know that although our human tissues regenerate and change all the time, our organism is not prepared to be babies again.

Then when death comes to us, the only thing we can do is delay it

That is why this article will learn how to delay death in 3 different people:

  1. The infarcted
  2. The choked
  3. The dead alive

CASE # 1: The infarcted (heart attack)

  • He does not respond: the person does not move spontaneously, does not react to touch or voice
  • He does not breathe: no respiratory movement or gasping is observed.

STEP 1: We evaluate the level of consciousness: we touch it, we pinch it, to see if it responds.

If he does not respond, we scream and ask for help.

STEP 2: We have to open the airways: we open the shirt and we see the movement of the thorax. We try to listen to the flow of air and to feel with our cheek if air is coming out or not from the mouth.

If you he does not breathe, call 911 and leave on speaker or tell someone to call.

STEP # 3: It’s time to do the famous CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation):

Even a dog can do it

When the circulation of a person’s blood stops suddenly, we have to send oxygen to the vital organs as quickly as possible. We put it face up and start..

If the person is a drowned person or a child, we start with 5 insufflations. We cover his nose and blow him in the mouth, with pauses.

Then the CPR cycle begins, we make 30 compressions in the thorax. Important to keep arms stretched and elbows locked.

Once completed, we do 2 insufflations (as we learned before).

We repeat the cycle 5 times: 30 compressions and 2 insufflations (per cycle). Then we check again the level of consciousness and whether he breathes or not.

If it does not breathe, we try again.

CASE # 2: The choked

He choked on food or something stuck in his throat.

If he can breathe a little, we recline him forward and give him a gentle slap to his back.S

If he can not breathe, you have to make the famous Heimlich maneuver.

STEP 1: Stand up firmly as the asian in the photo does so you do not fall sideways.

STEP 2: We compress between the navel and the thorax (right in the stomach) until the airway is unblocked, taking the piece out of the way. The movement has to be, towards us and upwards.

If the person is on the floor, you have to apply force in the same place.

In the event that it happens to you and you are alone, you can use your hands or a chair to apply the same procedure.

CASE # 3: The dead alive

How to recognize a true dead alive?

He is the one who lives on autopilot mode, he studies because he has to study, he works because he has to work, he lives because he has to live. His life is copied from another person, there are clones like him, all over the world.

He is the one who lives through the life of the others. He is caught up in what the entertainment industry created to satisfy his emotional needs: movies, TV series, videogames, fiction books. He does not consume this material to reward himself after making an effort to perfect himself. Rather he consumes them because of the need to escape from reality.

He is the one who blames others for his own problems, constantly complains about his surroundings and regrets not having better luck.

He is the one who constantly leaves the game before the game ends for fear of losing.

He is the one who even when he knows he is close to dying, he does not want to delay it.

He is the one who does not reinvent himself, stays in the same place, eats the same thing and does the same in all stages of life.

He is the one who maintains family or cultural traditions only to not risk his reputation within his family or his culture.

How can I delay his death?

Only with your example. Demonstrating what can be achieved with an incredible life that transcends its reality and its beliefs. Working intensively on yourself, it will allow you to show the way to guide and revive it.

Keep in mind that your experiences are not going to make you change magically, and the most likely is that you envy or want to convince yourself that you do not want that dream life.

Therefore, the dead person in life has to experiment on their own so that these mental references help them get out of that toxic reality. Do not worry only about sharing your successes or failures. You have to push him to create his own experiments to determine what is possible and what is not.

As we said before, you can not beat his death, just delay it. But if you really think it’s too late to delay it on him, it’s better to let him go before it drags you too…


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